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Two Google Accounts?

Google Accounts
Multiple Google Accounts?


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    Some of you have  personal gmail or Google Account.

    Some of you have a school issued Google Apps Account 

    Some of you have more than one Google Account

    Believe it or not, there are some very compelling reasons to have more than 1 Google Account,  

    For example,  having a school related Google Apps Account allows you to work more closely with members of your organization or school.  When members  of the same organization use Google Apps they have access to amazing TEAM collaboration options.  Whether it be to collaborate  between you and your colleagues  or between you and your students, having a Google Apps Account in your organization will fuel the culture of collaboration in your organization or school. 

    But   having ONE Google Account that is your individual professional/personal Google Account that is NOT associated with your school  or organization also has some powerful advantages. 

    It allows you to participate in the FULL Google experience.  By having your own persona/ professional Google account you can try services and features that might not be available with  your school or organization account. 

    Having your own personal/professional account  will allow you to create materials that you will have access to even when you no longer work for your school or organization. like your resume,  on an portfolio

    Having your own personal/account encourages you to use Google Tools for personal productivity, shopping,  connecting with family members or friends. 

    Since we want you to experience the power of all the Google Tools, we are going to ask you to begin your participation with Google Tools For School using a personal/professional Google account.  You will use this account to participate in the Orientation and the PreConference Activities.  By the time we get ready to start working on final projects, you will be comfortable using both your organizations Google Account and your personal Professional account and will pick the create your final project using the best account for the outcomes you seek.

    If you don't have a personal professional Google Account,  go ahead and create one now.  Then you'll be all set to set up your Chromebook, set up your Google Plus Profile, and join our Google Tools For Schools Communities. 

    Thank you to +Eric Hall for his tips on Embedding audio in your Google Site

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